Matthew a budding entrepreneur

Matthew McCurdy with a selection of his Causeway Coast Models
Matthew McCurdy with a selection of his Causeway Coast Models

13-year-old Matthew McCurdy, is the creator of Causeway Coast Farm Models based on the North Antrim Coast at Whitepark Bay.

He comes from a well known potato growing family, McCurdy’s of Whitepark Bay who are famous for locally grown, top quality potatoes and he designs all the new products that can be found on any modern day farm.

Matthew who farms with his dad and mum, Johnathan and Cathryn McCurdy and sisters Grace and Charlotte commented: “I’ve always been interested in agriculture from I was very young and played with the farm toys that I adore and now sell. The main reason I got started with the models was that I wanted to get involved with the design and sale of the toys. I had been collecting models since I was a toddler and now I sell Herron, Redrock, NC and can get any size that the customer requires.”

Matthew a second year pupil at Ballycastle High School, learned alot of his skills from Technology, ICT, and Business studies. He has attended his first show at the NI Farm Toy and Model show in Portrush at Easter and will now be a regular seller on the show circuit around the country. His aspiration is to get bigger and better and he added: “I intened to specialise in Agri Toys for now.”