Marvellous Mary retires after 48 years

Mary McCormick retires from Dalriada Hospital after 48 Years
Mary McCormick retires from Dalriada Hospital after 48 Years

She has been a part of the fabric of the Dalriada Hospital since the day it opened back in 1967 but now Mary McCormick has retired from her job after an incredible 48 years.

“In those days you didn’t go for an interview, I just went up to see the matron and she took me on for a week’s trial for the official opening of the Dalriada Hospital in October 1967,” Mary told the Times.

Living just across the road in Dalriada Gardens, Mary Laverty (as she was then) began her career in the hospital.

One of a family of nine, Mary worked in all areas of the hospital doing jobs ranging from serving ward meals and teas, looking after laundry, book work and time sheets.

Mary later married Johnny McCormick and they have three children - Sean (who runs a school of motoring) and Aidan and Christopher (both electricians).

They also have three grandchildren - Amy, Alex and Michael.

Last week, Mary’s management and colleagues gathered to wish her well and present her with gifts to mark her 48 years of service.

With 48 years of dedicated service to the Dalriada Hospital, Mary was deeply affected by the news last year that the facility was under threat of clsure.

Indeed a photograph of her protesting against the closure was used by many daily newspapers around the province.

“It was very bad and I’m just not sure how safe it is yet.

“Everything is very unsure.”

Mary reflected that it will be a massive chgange for her not having to get up every morning to go to ‘The Dal’

“I will probably miss it as I was in there 37 and a half hours every week so that will be hard to get used to,” she said.

Mary said she plans to spend her free time after retirement walking and gardening.