Margaret takes the Breathe Easy chair

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Former nurse, Margaret Henry, is the new Chairperson of Breathe Easy Causeway.

And the Armoy woman has has pledged full support for the British Lung Foundation top priorities of fund-raising and promoting greater public and Health Service awareness of the need to give top priority to the needs of those people battling severe respiratory illness.



In particular, Margaret is strongly backing the BLF Northern Ireland campaign to encourage the Assembly to take action to improve air quality. She said: “Across the UK 40,000 people die prematurely each year as a result of poor air. It is most important that action is taken, and taken quickly.”

Robbie Doherty conducted the election of officers at the annual general meeting. The new Vice-Chairperson is former teacher, Dorothy Brown, of Ballycastle. Office-bearers re-elected were Treasurer, Sam Kelly; Secretary, Annette O’Kane; Press Officer, Robert Burnett; and Photographer, Frank Dellett.

Afterwards members listened to an emotive personal explanation of the design and production of the Cross-Community Peace Quilt by members of WAVE (Women Against Violence Empowered) by ex nurse, Eithne Fleming, now living in Ballymoney.