Management plan for Glebeside Outdoor facilities

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Ballymoney Borough Council has finally agreed how to the manage the new Glebeside Outdoor Recreational facilities Scheme.

During a recent Leisure and Amenities Committee meeting, members agreed: ‘that Council proceed as originally envisaged’ with Council responsible for car park and paths, play area and outdoor gym equipment.

At the meeting, members heard they could either split the management or allow Council to manage all the facilities. The Director confirmed that the new facilities had been handed over immediately prior to 12th July.

In response Cllr John Finlay put on record the positive feedback which he had received regarding the new facilities and these comments were supported by Cllr Tom McKeown.

Cllr McKeown again expressed the view that after the Committee/Council had confirmed its position on the matter an early meeting should take place between the Director and Community Association reps and the Director confirmed that he was more than content to do this.

Regarding what costs would fall to the Community legal entity, the Director advised that electricity to run the floodlights would be the principle monetary cost and that the means to recoup this cost from users had been incorporated in the scheme. Cllr Finlay stated that he was keen that there would be access to the facilities at all times with the exception of bookable events.

It was proposed by Cllr Finlay, seconded by Councillor Cavlan that Council proceed as originally envisaged, that is with Council responsible for car park and paths, play area and outdoor gym equipment; and a Community Association legal entity responsible for MUGA, changing rooms and football pitch.

The Chair confirmed that as Council had issued full powers to Committee to decide on this matter the decision would stand.