Man who fell near Dunluce Castle rescued

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Both Portrush RNLI lifeboats were launched for the second time in 24 hours on Sunday.

At 5.30pm the all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched to reports of a casualty who had fallen onto rocks inside a cave just underneath Dunluce Castle.

Weather conditions were good with a calm sea and little wind which helped the lifeboats to reach the scene in good time.

Rescue 999, the helicopter from Prestwick was also tasked while the casualty in the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service to be airlifted to hospital.

The Portrush inshore lifeboat (ILB) had to get as close to the shoreline as possible to recover the casualty along with a paramedic from the ambulance service.

Meanwhile the all-weather boat (ALB) was waiting alongside to transfer the casualty from the Inshore lifeboat to the all-weather lifeboat so that the helicopter could carry out the airlift from the bigger boat.

The helicopter hovered above the lifeboat and lowered a winch man onto the deck who then strapped the casualty securely into a stretcher and with the help of the lifeboat crew winched the casualty onto the helicopter to be taken to hospital.

Robin Cardwell, Portrush RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “This operation took skill and precision and is something that lifeboat and rescue helicopter crews practice on a regular basis. This was a text book callout carried out with absolute precision by all involved. We hope that the casualty makes a full recovery.”