Man told not to eat too much or else pay more to mum - court

DISTRICT Judge Richard Wilson told a Ballycastle man either to not eat too much or instead increase the £20-a-week 'keep' he gives his mother.

Wednesday, 29th September 2010, 2:01 pm

Mr Wilson was speaking at North Antrim Magistrates Court in Coleraine on Friday where 18-year-old Declan Keenan of Altananam Park, Ballycastle, had a Probation Order revoked and replaced with a three months Young Offenders Centre term which was suspended for two years.

Keenan admitted breaching the Probation Order by failing to report to the Probation Service in April and May this year.

The Order was imposed on him on December 8 last year when he was convicted of offences including possession of class A drugs; criminal damage and disorderly behaviour.

The court was told Keenan had not co-operated with the Probation Service and his defence lawyer said it did not make good reading.

He said the offences were committed when Keenan was "in and around 16" and he had in fact attended 13 sessions with the Probation Service and had completed a Victim Awareness Course.

The lawyer said much of the offending was connected with an alcohol problem Keenan "fell into at an extremely young age" and he said the defendant had been off drink for five weeks.

He said Keenan was described as having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) although he was not medicated for it but he was described as being 'highly impulsive'.

He said the defendant was in court with his aunt and had not come to police attention lately.

The lawyer said his client had toned down his drinking considerably after his relationship with his mother broke down in March but they are now back on track.

He said Keenan is on Jobseekers' Allowance but he did go to Cork for a period of time and got some work and there may be some more work in the city in a few weeks time where he would be delivering fruit and veg to hotels in Cork.

The solicitor said Keenan now has some order in his life and trains every day in a gym which has been of considerable assistance in staying off drink.

District Judge Wilson asked Keenan: "Are you being more civil to your mother?" to which the defendant replied yes and his aunt confirmed he is behaving better towards his mother.

Mr Wilson said: "You are going to have to wise up."

Mr Wilson said as Keenan is not drinking any more he should be able to pay off fines.

Mr Wilson then asked Keenan how much he pays his mother for his keep to which he said he pays 20 a week out of Jobseekers' Allowance of 100 per fortnight.

Mr Wilson said: "Don't eat too much if you are only giving her 20 a week or increase the amount".