Man broke into ex-girlfriend's home and threatened to strangle her

A Co.Antrim man who forced his way into his former girlfriend's house and said: 'I told you I would get you and if you lie to me I'm going to strangle you to death'.

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 8:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 8:58 am

Paul Raymond Hamilton (26), of Knock Road, Dervock, punched the woman on the back of her head during the 12.20am incident on Sunday March 20 last year and at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday he was jailed for three months when sentenced on a charge of common assault.

A prosecutor said the woman was asleep with her 14 month old daughter when she heard banging and when she opened a door her ex-boyfriend Hamilton was there and he used his foot to stop her closing the door.

He then “flicked” at her face and made the threat and she noticed he had a brick with him him.

The prosecutor said the woman was frightened and shouted and banged on a window to attract the attention of her sister but Hamilton punched his ex-partner on the back of his head and only made off when the woman’s sister came to the door.

Defence solicitor Connel Trainor admitted it was a “very nasty case”.

He said the relationship had ended very badly and Hamilton was not having contact with his child and after having taken a few drinks on the night in question he had gone to the house.

Contact arrangements for the child are now in place, he added.

The solicitor said there is now a Non-Molestation Order in place and there had been no breaches.

Thankfully, he said the victim did not have to seek medical attention.

District Judge Peter King said it was a “chilling offence” and said the aggravating features were clear including the approach having “menace” which caused the victim “significant apprehension”.

Noting the defendant had a previous record the judge imposed a three months jail term and said there had to be a very clear message sent out by the court that the type of behaviour would not be tolerated.

Hamilton was released on his own bail of £250 pending an appeal.