Man is banned from entering Coleraine

A man accused of a shoplifting spree after overdosing on a week's supply of Lyrica drugs is to be banned from entering Coleraine, a High Court judge ordered today.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 3:24 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 3:29 pm
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The prohibition was imposed on Tyrone McFall as he was granted bail on charges of staggering around the Co Derry town last week stealing from fashion stores.

A lawyer for the 23-year-old said: “He clearly was not in his right mind during the commission of these alleged offences.”

McFall, with a previous address at Lodge Road in Coleraine, is charged with three counts of theft and a further attempted theft on February 24.

He allegedly stole jeans and jewellery valued at £61.50 from Topman, two jumpers worth £79.98 from DV8, clothes priced at £49.99 from S&T Moore, and tried to take a £24.99 T-shirt from Clockwork Orange.

Prosecution counsel Kate McKay claimed in one shop he allegedly took four items into the changing rooms but only returned two of them to the shelves.

“He staggered around the store, he had taken 14 prescribed Lyrica tablets, which is one week of his medication,” Mrs McKay told the court.

In another outlet McFall tried to remove a security tag with his teeth and hands, it was claimed.

The prosecutor also contended he had been so under the influence that he tried to pay for a packet of crisps twice.

When McFall was arrested and deemed fit for interview he admitted taking all his medication in one go but denied being in the town centre that day, according to Mrs McKay.

But she alleged: “He goes on this spree, having self-medicated with a week’s worth of this medication, putting himself in such a state that he can’t remember what was going on.”

A defence barrister accepted McFall has a problem with drink and drugs.

He also revealed that his client had to undergo surgery after losing three teeth during an alleged assault in prison.

Granting bail for McFall to live at hostel accommodation approved by police, Madam Justice McBride directed: “He’s not to enter the town of Coleraine.”

The judge also ordered that he must not consume any illegal drugs or abuse prescription medication. ends