Make the call, if it’s not 999, it’s 101

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland has launched a new non-emergency telephone number.

Any member of the public who wants to speak to police about a non-emergency matter should now dial 101. This new number replaces the 0845 600 8000 number that has been in use for several years.

Ballymoney neighbourhood police Sergeant Gary McMaster along with Crime Prevention Officer Judith Lavery promoted the new number at John McElderry Ltd at a trailer marking event and spoke with people about when to call 101 and when to dial 999.

Sgt McMaster said the new non-emergency number will offer real benefits to the public and greatly simplify how people contact the Police Service.

He stated: “We have changed to the 101 number to make it easier for the public to contact us. One of the biggest benefits for people in the local community is that they will have an easy to remember number that they can call from anywhere in Northern Ireland at any time.

“I would encourage everyone to use the new 101 number which will help to free up the 999 system for genuine emergencies such as reporting a crime that is in progress, or a situation where somebody is in immediate danger. By making it clear when to dial 101 non-emergency and when to dial 999 we can ensure that real emergencies are dealt with appropriately resulting in a much more efficient and effective service.”

The new 101 non-emergency number will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls to 101 non-emergency from landlines or mobile phones* cost 15 pence, regardless of the length of time you are on the phone.