Losing weight gave Donna a new career!

Donna with Mark Wright, star of The Only Way is Essex. INBM37-13
Donna with Mark Wright, star of The Only Way is Essex. INBM37-13

Six years ago, when Donna Conlan nervously walked into her local Slimming World Group in Stranocum having dragged her Mum along for support, she couldn’t have dreamed that she would have lost weight, changed how she shops, cooks and eats for the whole family, but now has a fantastic new career as well!

Donna explains, “I often explain when people ask me what I do, that I must be the only person I know who feels guilty about going to work. I love my job, love the amazing rewards it has brought me and love how it fits in with my young family.

“My Slimming World journey began way back in May 2006. On my first night, almost chickened out of going in, but had brought my Mum along with me for support, so couldn’t back out! I listened to the Food Optimising plan and remember thinking, this really is too good to be true, there has to be a catch!”

But there wasn’t! Donna went on to lose her first stone quicker and easier that she had ever lost a stone before, then found out she was pregnant.

“I automatically presumed that I couldn’t keep attending when I was pregnant, I hadn’t realised that Slimming World are partners with the Royal College of Midwives and that the Food Optimising plan is safe to follow when pregnant. Anyway, I sort of followed it on my own and was amazed when I did rejoin my local group after having my baby that I was exactly the same weight as I was when I’d left. I was convinced I would put on weight while I was pregnant.”

This was the boost Donna needed and when she heard that Slimming World were looking for new Consultants to open new groups in Northern Ireland, she went along to an Opportunity Event.

onna continues, “It was amazing with a new baby to be able to even think about purchasing a franchise and starting my own business, but the support and back-up I was promised at the Opportunity event was far more than I could have hoped for.”

Donna’s career with Slimming World has gone from strength to strength, being nominated for Group of the Year (Top Ten) 2 years running, winning a company competition and being treated to a trip of a lifetime in Mexico, meeting celebrities at the annual Slimming World Awards and also the chance to progress into a Management Role, with amazing Management Training to back her up.

“When I look back over the last 6 years I still sort of feel I’m on maternity leave and waiting to have to go back to work. While I enjoyed my previous job, I eat live and breathe my Slimming World career. I have had some amazing benefits along the way, it has been hard work, but I have always believed you get out of anything what you put in. At the end of the day, I just love the fact that I am in a Managerial Role, in a supportive, professional and caring company, being well paid and I can still take my two little girls to school everyday and manage my diary to put my family first. Add to that

the opportunity to have been just a tiny part of helping people change their lives by showing them how they can lose weight, that in itself is an amazing feeling.”

For more details about the next Consultant Opportunity event please contact Donna on 077846 141869.