Local politician gets on his bike to keep pace with modern trend

The popularity of cycling has risen sharply in recent years with scores of enthusiasts taking to the roads.

As an exercise, it’s up there with the best and employers have also recognised its value by supporting the ‘Bike to Work’ scheme which has given countless numbers the opportunity to purchase a bicycle at a reduced cost.

One of our local MLA’s has now decided to join the merry band of bikers principally to get fit but also to maximise the use of public transport.

Sinn Fein’s Daithi McKay spends most of his working life at Stormont or in the party’s office in Dunloy and as a result his spare time is seriously restricted.

That’s why he now cycles to Ballymoney from his home to catch an early morning train to Belfast and follows the same travel pattern on return.

Daithi explained: “Trains have a wi-fi facility and I can use the carriage as an office. That saves me valuable time and I’m also hopefully contributing to the environment.

“It’s also a great way of getting fit. It’s something I have been planning for some time and I’ve just got around to getting a bike.”

Daithi’s Sinn Fein colleague, Philip McGuigan, has become one of the top riders locally and is attached to the Duffin Racing team in Loughgiel.

Daithi isn’t seeking to emulate Philip now or in the future and has no plans to join him in any local races. Indeed, he has had to endure some good-natured banter about the weight of the bike which makes it harder to ride.