Local parishioners thanked for support by Trocaire Lent speaker

Parishioners of St. Patrick’s Parish in Portrush have been told that the money raised here at home for Trocaire during Lent, and for emergency appeals after disasters like the Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods, is saving lives on the ground in the developing world.

David O’Hare from the charity was speaking at Masses in St. Patrick’s as part of this year’s Lenten campaign which is focusing on poverty and the injustices associated with poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

“It is extremely important that we tell people here at home about the issues facing the world’s poor and to show that money raised here makes a huge difference overseas and changes lives for the better,” said David.

“I was delighted to be given the opportunity to visit St. Patrick’s and tell people about what I have seen on my travels to places like Honduras and Pakistan. The support we receive from parishioners right across Northern Ireland is very humbling. I would like to thank Fr. Sheehan and the people of St. Patrick’s for their warm welcome.”

Trocaire’s Lenten campaign, which runs until Easter Sunday 24th April, is about how poverty makes people vulnerable and invisible, forcing them to live in danger. The little girl on this year’s Trocaire box is Digna Portilla Amador, age five. Her community, in northern Honduras, is living on and farming a piece of land against the will of a large, corrupt businessman. Time and time again they have been violently attacked by his private army, with homes burned down and people murdered. Just a few months ago Digna was threatened with a gun.

But Digna’s mother, Carmen, believes their struggle will be worth it for her children. “We love our land for a very important reason; it is the only thing that will take our children out of poverty and give them their right to a better future.”

To find out more about Trocaire’s Lenten campaign visit trocaire.org/lent or keep up to date with Trocaire’s work on www.facebook.com/trocaireireland and www.twitter.com/trocaire. Trocaire boxes are available by calling 0800 912 1200.