Local men do 24 hours ‘New Year’s Eve’ sit out

Local man Jonathan Gault is doing his annual 24 hour sit out on New Year’s Eve this year again.

Starting at 11am on New Year’s Eve until 11am on New Years Day in Church Street, Ballymoney.

This is the 6th year of the sit-out and Jonathan is being joined for the 24 hour stint by another well known Ballymoney man, Paul Ross. Paul and Jonathan travelled out to Uganda in September as part of a Christian team called “Go Uganda”.

The ‘GO-team’ had so many highlights one of them was opening the new teachers accommodation block. Paul added one of his highlights was the opening of a well and travelling to meet the Fields of Life drilling team.

“It was amazing to meet both the community and to witness their joy and then to see the actual drilling rig in action, certainly a day I will never forget.

“If you’re free on New Year’s Eve please stop and say hello. Thank-you for your continued support.”