Local backing for ‘Breast Way Round Norn Iron’

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A BALLYMONEY woman is playing a leading role in organising a 250 mile bike ride around Northern Ireland for charity.

Sarah Travis hopes that by doing so she can raise enough funds to reach the target figure of £250,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support in what is called ‘Breast Way Round Norn Iron.’

The initiative first took root in Scotland six years ago as an idea that a group of ladies could do something to raise money for Mamillan as well as enhancing the profile of lady bikers.

This took the form of a 450 mile run over three days up the west coast of Scotland. This has now blossomed into an annual event in which around 150 bikers primarily women all wearing bright pink hi-viz vests and mowhawks on their helmets, joined by a few men wearing decorated bras.

Breast Way Round’s first run was in 2008 and at the end of this year’s run they will have clocked up a staggering 270,000 miles, current fundraising total is £212,000 and still going up.  The target is to get to at least £250,000.

The launch of the run in Northern Ireland took place at Joey’s Bar in Ballymoney last Wednesday night with the full support of Linda Dunlop.

There, the bikers dressed in pink and with their gleaming machines, announced plans for the event which will take place on August 24 and 25.

Sarah explained: “I am friendly with Lisa Moore who helps run the Scottish run and she felt it would be a good idea to extend it to Northern Ireland. It’s proved very popular and we hope to raise a great deal of money.”

BWR chairperson Sheila Tyeson says “When I took over the role as Chairperson of Breast Way Round I wanted to ensure that BWR continues to raise funds for MacMillan and to reach out to as many female riders as possible. The reasons why our riders support MacMillan Cancer is a very personal journey for each and every one who become part of it. 

“Being able to do that with the added support of people with a common interest, whilst looking on at some of Scotland’s finest scenery around, and knowing that the money we raise goes directly to MacMillan is very rewarding. The hard work and determination of the whole team is a very powerful motivator when organising events. Our target is to reach £250,000 by the end of 2013.’’

“I have been personally inspired by this ride and having taken part in it wanted to bring this to life for riders in Northern Ireland and so last year I set up a face book page called Northern Ireland Female Bikers. Through this we have began to meet up and have social events but we wanted to do more.

“I approached Macmillan and they were keen to come on board. An initial meeting was set up and a committee formed and so we are on the way to making BWR NORN IRON 2013 a reality. This will take the shape of a two-day 250 mile bike run for Macmillan. This run will be similar to, but not the same as, the Breast way round that runs in may in Scotland - this will be mainly for female bikers and a few blokes, ladies to wear pink, blokes to wear decorated bras.”

If you would like to get involved, take part or hear more please contact the team at bwr.ni.team@hotmail.co.uk