Little Aimee is praised by Ambulance Service

Brave young Aimee
Brave young Aimee

A pupil from St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s Primary School in Ballycastle has been praised by the emergency services for her maturity during a medical incident involving her grandmother.

Aimee McMullan was out for a walk with her grandparents when her grandmother felt ill.

She was able to contact a member of staff at the National Trust and then stayed with her grandmother until emergency services arrived.

Members of Ballycastle Coastguard and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service were all impressed with Aimee’s action during the event and felt that she deserved recognition for how she handled the situation.

Danny Mc Auley, the Station Officer for Ballycastle Coastguard, who is also a member of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service paid tribute to the primary school pupil.

“How Aimee reacted to the emergency situation was a perfect example of what to do,” he said.

“She made sure it was safe for her to approach the casualty, assessed them and then got help.

“She then continued to stay with her grandmother and keep her company until emergency help arrived.

“Aimee made the job of emergency services so much easier as she was also able to help tell us what happened and helped reassure her grandmother while we treated her.

“She is a great role model to other young people.”

Mr Kinney, Aimee’s teacher at St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s Primary, also said: “Aimee is a very mature and responsible student.

“I have no doubt that her grandmother is very proud of her and glad she was so well prepared to act in the event of an emergency.

“She is a very caring child who has a great relationship with her granny and is always willing to help.

“We are very fortunate at our school to have such a calm and confident student.”