Linenhall Street post office move - what do YOU think?

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THE Post Office is planning to relocate the branch in Linenhall Street to the Glebeside Spar located in John Street.

The planned relocation is, say the Post Office, to make it easier for customers to access for their business needs with the increased amount of opening hours.

The Post Office have started a six-week public consultation process to gather local views from members of the public on this issue.

While local MLA Mervyn Storey said: ‘I think this proposal is to be welcomed as it will consolidate and improve the service from the post office in Ballymoney”, the proposed move has not been welcomed by others.

Some people feel that the inconvenience and unnecessary negative effect it will have on Ballymoney town centre, and especially Linenhall Street, will not benefit many locals.

The Ballymoney Times took the streets of Ballymoney to questione local people on their opinions of the relocation of their local Post Office.

One woman from Ballymoney stated: “The move is absolutely ridiculous and will be a lot less convenient for me as I live in the town with no access to a car.

“The major concern for most elderly residents of Ballymoney is that it will be increasingly difficult to access especially for those less mobile.”

The Times spoke to Archie Hamilton who said: “This is another blow to Ballymoney and the elderly collecting pension may tend not to shop anymore.”

The news has raised some concerns about the future of Linenhall Street and the removal of another business from it.

Heather Hargy from Elite Engraving said: “It’s terrible that it’s moving and it will have a detrimental affect on Linenhall Street”.

However she also added that the increased opening hours in the new Glebeside location “will be very beneficial”.

Albert Kelly of Ballymoney also stated: “It’s a shame about the street as the town is already going downhill.”

Another shopper, Jennifer Connor, said: “This is less convenient for business people but the longer opening hours could benefit a lot more.”

Some locals gave a warm response to the proposed move.

Pat Forsythe from Ballymoney said:: “I’m happier as it’s easier to park and more convenient for me.”

Brooke Huey also shared the same opinion and said: “Yes it will be very handy if it moves.”

Planned increased parking facilities and easier access for cars was a popular aspect of the move.

The Post Office had said that during the public consultation, they welcome feedback on any issues or concerns any customers may have including anything they would like to have considered. Any issues that a customer may have should be brought to the attention of The Post Office Ltd by the 14 February 2013. Any submissions can be made during the consultation by Free-post to Post Office Ltd.