Limited road works due to budget constraints

LIMITED resurfacing work is being undertaken in Ballymoney due to budget constraints, it has been revealed.

During a recent Full Council meeting, the Chair welcomed Mr Alan Keys, Strategic Road Improvement Manager and Mr John McKinley, Section Engineer to the meeting to present Roads Service Autumn Consultation report and provide an update on progress to date.

Mr Keys advised members of the Department’s budget constraints in the next few years resulting in limited resurfacing work being undertaken and the cessation of all minor works in the borough in the next 12 months. However he did reassure members that additional funding is being sought from the Minister.

At the meeting Cllr Mervyn Storey thanked the Department for the work carried out at Seacon and Berryfields.

Responding to Cllr Storey’s request for information relating to the A26 dualling and the outcome of the public inquiry, Mr McKinley advised that the Minister does not intend to publish a pre-report prior to the final report and recommendations.

Mr McKinley later responded to questions relating to salting of roads around Rasharkin and Model Road as well as the criteria for the provision of salt boxes and the gritting of footpaths in the town centre explaining that ‘salt is available but there’s a lack of Roads Service resources to undertake the work’.

Other queries raised included the access onto the A26 from Kirk Road and Knock Road, the review of car parking within the town centre and the replacement of loose paving on Main Street which he stated was ‘currently being undertaken’.

The Roads chief also responded to questions from Cllr Evelyne Robinson regarding the upgrading of street lighting at Benvarden Road stating that there were no new systems being considered and the footpath from Dervock towards Ballymoney stating that the footway had been agreed in principle and he would provide an update on this.

Issues also included the timespan for completion of work at Coolkeeran Road, Loughgiel where two proposals were to be completed this year dependent on utility service meeting its responsibility and the timespan for completion of work on the road into Rasharkin from Ballymoney based on the completion of work being undertaken by NI Water.

In concluding and at the request of Cllr John Finlay, Mr McKinley advised that should further funding become available, proposals for minor work schemes are ready to commence at short notice.

Members thanks Mr McKinley and Mr Keys for their attendance.