Life for You – is Ballymoney ready to write?

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Most people have questions about the origins of life on the planet; most people wonder about the patterns and purposes of life. Many people wonder if the bible really holds the answers – they just don’t know what to believe. Well, the local Baptist church’s radio weekend [Friday 27th - Sunday 29th May] is trying some new ways to tell the old truths of the Bible.

One of the ways, which we reported last week, is to bring The Amazing Journey to the main Street – a visually exciting, interactive display of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Many of the members and friends of the Baptist church, all born-again Christians, will be with the display all through Saturday 28th May at the Castlecroft area at the bottom of Main Street. They are hoping that people passing by will take time to stop and ask questions about what the bible contains. There will be free literature which helps to explain that the bible is different from all other religious writings because it is not a man-made book – it is God’s revelation of Himself to the world. So why not pass by Castlecroft on Saturday 28th and visit The Amazing Journey?

A second way to bring the message of the bible to people in the town is quite innovative. It is an exciting new venture to become part of the town’s first attempt to make a hand-written copy of the Book of John from the bible. Ballymoney residents are invited to copy out a verse each from John’s eye-witness account of Jesus’s life. There are 4146 verses in John’s gospel and the church hopes to make a full hand-written copy in one day, Saturday 28th May. This handwritten copy will be scanned and published online at Most people know something of John’s gospel – it is where you will read of the calling of the first disciples, the first miracle of Jesus when he turned water into wine and the feeding of the 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves. The book opens like this:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

These are very strong claims – that Jesus is the creator God and that he is the ultimate purpose within and behind all things. If you’d like to read or listen to a sermon on the opening words of John’s book then you can do so here – this is a sermon by John Piper:

There are many more aspects of Jesus Christ revealed in John’s book and everyone who takes part and copies a verse will receive a free copy of John’s gospel.

The radio programme is also coming together with the usual breakfast mayhem with Alastair Smith at 8am followed by many of the now regular slots - the Q and A show at 11pm each night is always a good opportunity to deal with some of the many questions Ballymoney people come up with when they are asked, ”If you could ask God one question…” The young people of the church are always very actively involved on the technical side as well as in front of the microphone. Their slots are 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday featuring the Youth Club, the Bible Class and the Youth Fellowship. Gordon Stewart will be taking part again this year updating listeners on the situation in the persecuted church in his capacity as rep for an organisation called Asialink.

As always, you can tune in to the morning and evening services at 11am and 6pm and hear Pastor Colin Adams preach. The wavelength is 105.3fm and you can listen online as well at