Lee’s ‘Final Goodbye’ touches hearts

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A young Bushmills musician who composed a moving piece of music following the death of his mother says he is “overwhelmed” by the reaction the melody has received from all over the world.

23-year-old Lee McVicker wrote the piece “Final Goodbye” after the death of his mother two years ago.

He decided to upload a video online just last week to “engage with people who have lost, or are still grieving, for a loved one”.

Lee told the Times: “It was such an emotional thing for me to do, I’ve written piano melodies all my life but this has been the most emotional piece and I plan to keep writing and engaging.”

A graduate of the Northern Regional College’s music course in Ballymoney, Lee first showed an interest in music when he was five years old.

“It was in a youth club. Everyone was playing football - and I hated football - so there was an old piano sitting in a corner. I started tinkling at it. I think I eventually managed Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star but I just had to get that tune finished. And that’s what sparked my interest.

“I went home and said to my granny ‘I really need a keyboard’ and she went out and got me one. By the time I was in Primary 3, I was playing the piano for school assembly. One of the teachers told my granny that I needed to start proper music lessons.”

Lee went on to achieve his Grade 6 at the age of 14 and later his National Diploma in Music at NRC Ballymoney.

“If it wasn’t for my granny pushing me, that would never have happened. She wasn’t a musical woman so I really don’t know where the music has come from.”

“Then two years ago, I lost my mum. She had mental health problems and was on 20 different medications and one day, her heart just stopped. I composed ‘Final Goodbye’ for her, to say that it’s ok NOT to be ok and just to reach out to anyone going through grief at losing someone close to them.

“It’s really important to me that my music can reach out and engage with people and that I can make contact with them through my music.

“Helping people through music is my passion and it’s been getting really positive feedback. I’ve noticed people commenting about the emotion behind it and how much my writing touches them and that is wonderful.

“i really want to thank everyone for their support.” Follow him on Facebook at Lee McVicker Music.