‘Larger than life: Opera’s big man goes solo’

Jonathan Veira Tour 2012 coming to St Patrick’s Parish Church, Ballymoney on Saturday, 15 September from 7.30pm

Recently praised in The Independent for his brilliant performance – ‘larger than life and utterly credible’, and by The Arts Desk for being ‘a comic (bass) baritone now in his vintage prime’, international opera star Jonathan Veira is no stranger to venues that hold thousands of people, but in 2012 he is changing his habits.

Instead of appearing on stage at Glyndebourne or London’s Royal Opera House, as he often does, he is coming to St Patrick’s Parish Church, in Ballymoney to perform in an intimate one man setting on Saturday, 15 September.

This concert is part of Jonathan’s ‘Larger than Life’ tour. This year, instead of performing Verdi, Britten or Donizetti on the opera scene as he did - to critical acclaim – in 2011 and before, he is now just as likely to be found singing Billy Joel or Gospel. Jonathan is a musical chameleon, performing songs of great diversity to an incredibly high standard – which possibly makes him unique in the world of entertainment.

Jonathan Veira’s one man show is distinctive because you get so much more than just ‘the voice’. He is a superb comic raconteur, whose anecdotal story telling has people of all generations rocking with laughter.

When asked why he is putting aside opera for a while and going ‘Larger than Life’, Jonathan answers,

“For nearly 27 years I have been singing opera all around the world whilst also developing my ‘Audience with JV’, which actually began 22 years ago. The ‘side-show’ has gradually taken on a life of its own ... spawning a DVD, seven gospel CDs and a list of venues wanting to host the show. We’re excited that 2012 is the year to give airspace to JV simply being JV with an audience.

I’m energised by doing these shows because of the closeness and interaction with the audience. It’s wonderful to be able to incorporate the wide variety of music that I love to perform from Verdi and Mozart to Billy Joel, Elton John and even some Country & Western for goodness sake! I love having the freedom to tell the stories of my life and faith in an open, honest – and mostly funny – way! I believe that all this together makes my show unique.

Following a trip to Ethiopia at the start of the year I am also thrilled to be in partnership with Compassion UK – a child-sponsoring charity that does amazing work with children all around the world.”

It is rare these days to find someone who can sing beautifully, entertain and make people of all ages laugh, and possibly even cry. Jonathan paints a true, and sometimes painful, picture of life in word and song. To communicate in a family friendly way, without using bad language as JV does is remarkable - it’s a reputation to be proud of.

Jonathan Veira really is ‘larger than life’ and you’ll love to see him in action.

His engaging and enthusiastic performance leaves a lasting impression. www.jonathanveira.com

Parking available at Parish Centre, Queen Street. Tickets will be available from the Church Office at the Parish Centre price £10 and £8 concession

The Church office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10-12.30).

For further information contact: For further information contact Karen or George on 276 62323 or Email: stpatsparishchurch@btconnect.com