Large rise in tobacco tax ‘will help more smokers to quit’

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The 5% real term rise in tobacco has been warmly welcomed the Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF) which had lobbied for this level of increase to help smokers quit and dissuade children from taking up the habit.

UCF is delighted that the Chancellor acknowledges that raising tobacco duty is a key component of a comprehensive strategy to reduce smoking.

Gerry McElwee, Head of Cancer Prevention UCF, said: “This is excellent news. We are delighted that the Chancellor has listened to the voices of the health community and taken decisive action to tackle the greatest single cause of ill health and premature death.

“Increase in tobacco taxation is the most effective way of encouraging smokers to quit. We welcome this increase as it also ensures most brands of cigarettes are out of the price range of many young people. This makes it much less likely that the next generation will be seduced into taking up smoking.”