Land ‘allotted’ to Cairns Residents

Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop would like to thank Moyle District Council for agreeing to hand over a plot of land to enable Cairns Residents Group to apply for funding for community allotments.

The residents group have showed great initiative by taking on this project. Allotments are a great way to get the whole community involved in a project.

Community allotments are recognised as a catalyst for encouraging sustainability, healthier living and social interaction as well as a resource for local food growing.

Research has shown that contact with the natural environment and green space promotes better physical and mental health and self esteem and the health benefits of gardening are well recognised to include alleviating stress and lowering blood pressure. The Cairns Residents Group are also embarking on a six week healthy eating course which will show everyone involved quick and easy ways to cook healthy dishes from scratch.