Kerrie’s weight loss success story!

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It was following a frightening health discovery that Kerrie Douglas decided to embark on a journey - one that would help her towards a healthier place, but also one of self discovery and new found confidence.

Kerrie’s grandmother was ill with breast cancer and urged Kerrie to seek further advice about being tested for the BRCA 2 gene. After numerous tests and consultations, Kerrie’s worst nightmare became a reality. She too was a carrier like her ‘Nana’.

Kerrie said: “At first I was numb, scared for me, for my kids. I had just been told that I had an 87% chance of developing cancer in my lifetime.”

She developed anxiety and depression as she struggled to come to terms with being a carrier. “On the face of it I was all front and smiles, but underneath I was really struggling. Then I suppose I had to get up, make decisions and fight, for nothing else other than my children. I knew I was overweight and that it would not help me with my impending surgery, and recovery time would be lengthy, so I joined Slimming World.

“I initially started in the lovely Cloughmills group, and then followed Jayne Workman when she launched into Ballymoney”.

Kerrie recalls feeling very anxious on the first night she walked into group, worrying how she would deal being in a room of strangers, but very quickly she realised that everyone was there for the same reasons, she made lots of friends, and became part of the social team. “I couldn’t believe how much I could actually eat, and still lose weight. I was never a great cook, but the members really helped me out with tips and ideas.

“We also get awards for activity in group as well as weight loss, this really encouraged me to join fitness classes to help boost my losses. Staying to group every week was the support I needed to get me to my target weight loss of 3 stone 2lbs. The best part was I never felt hungry.”

If you would like more information about Jayne’s groups in Cloughmills and Ballymoney, call 077206 77709 or check out Facebook Slimming World with Jayne.