Kennedy opens new wastewater treatment works on Rathlin

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy travelled to Rathlin Island on Wednesday to mark the completion of the Island’s new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment works (WwTW).

Representing an investment of approximately £500,000, the new Rathlin Island WwTW and associated pumping station were constructed as part of Northern Ireland Water’s ‘Rural Wastewater Investment Programme’, a multi-million pound portfolio of work being carried out to upgrade wastewater facilities and deliver improved water quality right across Northern Ireland.

Welcoming the new infrastructure for Rathlin, which will support the recently completed social housing development on the Island, Danny Kennedy said: “I am delighted to be here on Rathlin Island today to officially open the new Wastewater Treatment Works.

“This modern new facility has been cleverly designed with two fully enclosed, highly efficient treatment units, offering flexible capabilities to cope with the fluctuating winter and summer needs of the Island, while its robust treatment processes will ensure that the treated effluent being discharged meets the latest Northern Ireland Environment Agency consent standards.

“Balancing the requirement for effective wastewater treatment with protecting the sensitivities of archaeological rich areas such as Rathlin, and being able to successfully integrate what is effectively an industrial facility into an area where tourism plays such a major role takes a lot of careful consideration and planning.

“I congratulate the NI Water project team in achieving a low-impact design and recognise the excellent work of DRD Regional Planning Unit and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for their support throughout the planning process.”

The new Rathlin WwTW, brings to 101 the number of projects which have been delivered to date under NI Water’s Rural Wastewater Investment Programme (RWwIP). Work on the new facility began in April and was completed at the end of June 2013.