Keep heat wave check on elderly

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The entire community can help the elderly combat the dangers posed by the present heat wave by forming neighbourhood watch schemes to “keep an eye” on the most vulnerable sections of the constituency, MLA Robin Swann has urged.

Mr. Swann called on the community to become the ‘eyes and ears’ of the elderly in the constituency.

He said: “Just as many elderly people had to overcome the atrocious winter conditions when they were forced between eating and remaining warm, so too, in the current heat wave, the elderly in our constituency are also at risk from heat stroke and dehydration.

“The harsh reality is that the modern police service has a fierce workload and the elderly seem especially vulnerable to the effects of the heat wave.

“We as responsible citizens have out duty to play, too, in the protection of the elderly.

“The elderly face many challenges in their twilight years and now we have the potentially severe dangers posed by the heat wave.

“When people whom the elderly know keep regular checks on our pensioner community, then perhaps they will feel safer in their homes. As a society, we are living longer and therefore the number of elderly residents in the constituency is increasing. Pensioner power should not be limited to the ballot box.

“They continue to have a very valuable role to fulfil in our constituency by passing on their experiences and expertise in life to younger generations through residents, tenants and community associations, for example,” said Assemblyman Swann.