Keep fireworks legal and safe

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Justice Minister David Ford has reminded the public that anyone wishing to use fireworks requires a fireworks licence.

Applications for the use of fireworks over the Halloween period must be submitted to the Department of Justice by Friday 24 October 2014.

The Minister said: “The law is very clear. For safety purposes, a licence is required to buy, possess, sell and use fireworks. It is therefore an offence to proceed without one. Applications are very straightforward and my Department will process them as quickly as possible, but people should submit their application in good time.”

The Minister highlighted the risks involved in buying fireworks from anyone but a registered supplier. He said: “Please do not be tempted to buy fireworks from anywhere other than a supplier who is registered by the Department of Justice. It is a risk that is not worth taking. Buying fireworks from illegal sources is dangerous.

Not only are you gambling with the safety of your family and friends but you could face prosecution for breaking the law.”