Just when you thought it was safe...it’s Jedward!

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JUST when you thought it was safe to venture out, Jedward’s Big Adventure is back on the CBBC channel - and it’s coming to the Giant’s Causeway.

With ten brand new episodes showcasing historical hot spots from around the UK the twins will come of the Causeway Coast for the second episode - Jedward’s GIANT Adventure.

John and Edward will learn all about the Giant’s Causeway, smelly salmon and headless ghosts. On hand to assist Jedward is Michelle Ackerley from ‘Totally Rubbish’ and Victoria Cook from ‘DNN’.

At the end of the show, the tourists sit a quiz to find out just how much they’ve learned from Jedward’s tour.

Whichever brother’s team manages to get across the most number of correct facts wins an awesome prize – with the losing team having to face a horrible forfeit.

Who will be a giant winner and who will have to face a stinky seaweed forfeit?

Jedward said; “Jedward’s Big Adventure is totally awesome, we get to travel all around the UK, visiting many historical sites and learning the facts about them.  

“We enjoy sharing this information with tourists. Wearing period costume and Jedward outfits brings history to life.  CBBC be prepared for plenty of jepic coolness and adventures”

The series is a rip-roaring ride through history with worldwide pop sensations John and Edward Grimes learning key facts at each destination and leading their own unique tour to a busload of young sightseers.

Locations explored in the series include: Acton Scott in Shropshire, Oxford, Blackpool, Bath Stratford upon Avon and London’s Hampton Court Palace. Jedward’s Big NI Adventure can be seen on CBBC channel at 4:30pm onTuesday, January 21.