Judge 'not impressed' by Ballymoney man

THE District Judge at North Antrim Magistrates Court on Wednesday last told a Ballymoney man that he was not impressed by his efforts to raise £140 in compensation after damaging a window in an incident last May.

Christopher James McElreavey, (22) of 14 West Field Park, Seacon, appeared on a summons for damaging the window belonging to Brendan O'Kane on May 15 last in addition to a number of motoring offences which occurred on a different date.

Asking McElreavey if he had made any effort to make restitution to the injured party, defendant said he was hoping to "pay it off," prompting Mr. Richard Wilson to declare that he was not impressed and that he "wanted to see the money up front."

He added: "You have had three months and you haven't gathered a single penny. I am not going to deal with you until I see the money. I want to see good intentions in four weeks time."

The summons was adjourned until September 22.

Meanwhile, in a separate case, McElreavey faced a number of summones including using a mobile telepone while driving, not wearing a seat belt, having no driving licence, obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty and not having insurance. Defendant admitted the offences which took place at St. James’s Park, Ballymoney, on October 8, 2009, and was fined a total of 545 and banned from driving for 12 months. He was given six months to pay. A summons for failing to produce his licence was withdrawn.

The court was told that at 9.40 a.m. on police observed defendant driving a car on the Coleraine Road, Ballymoney, whilst using a mobile telephone. He was also observed driving without a seat belt.

Defendant's car was pulled over at St. James’s Park and spoken to by the officers. McElreavey was said to have given false details and was then discovered to have no insurance. The vehicle was subsequently seized. Defendant was also asked to produce his licence in Ballymoney, but failed to so so.

A solicitor for McElreavey said his client fully intended not to be in a vehicle in future unless in proper circumstances.

Commenting on these offences, Mr. Wilson told McElreavey that he did not deserve to be on the road.