Jubilee Party raises money for House of Hope

ELIZABETH Patton and her daughter Gillian McLaughlin held a Jubilee Garden Party at Elizabeth’s home to raise funds for the House of Hope Orphanage in Moldova.

Gillian’s father Robert is a trustee and founding member of the charity, Vision of Good Hope, who built the children’s orphanage ten years ago.

The Jubilee party was well supported by family and friends.

Close friend Julie Moore was at the Ballymoney Show with her pony Darcy doing pony rides and face painting in support of the same charity.

Julie was accompanied at the Show by her sister Karolyn and friends Amy and Katie McLaughlin.

Karolyn and Amy are looking forward to going to Moldova as part of a team with Robert in a few weeks to visit the Orphanage and interact with the children for several days.

Altogether their efforts raised the considerable sum of £1,325 and Elizabeth, Gillian and Julie want to express their sincere thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways to the success of the events.

On receiving the cheque on behalf of Vision of Good Hope a delighted Robert Patton reiterated the words of appreciation and assured all concerned in the fantastic effort that the money would show love and bring material things to the children who live at the House of Hope.