Join Christianity Explored

Well by the time of printing the first night of Christianity Explored will have passed. Much effort and prayer went into making it happen.

But it has only just begun. Christianity Explored runs for a total of 10 weeks and takes you right through the gospel of Mark.

The second week of the course marks the start proper, so don't worry if you haven't made it along yet, you can join us this Tuesday night at Coffee Capital 7.30pm. There is no charge and tea and coffee will be provided.

Still not sure? Why not read what others had to say about it:

Caroline: Initially I was concerned that the Christianity Explored course would not be for me. Why? Because I thought people who were further on in their faith would be attending and make me look silly or feel stupid.

Whilst I have attended church for as long as I can remember, I do not and never have professed to know everything there is to know about the Bible and Christianity to anybody either within our church community or outsiders. When I am asked why I go to church I have always said to learn more and to become a better Christian and it was for this reason I decided to leave my fears behind and attend the latest course.

My apprehensions were soon dispelled as I realised I was not alone and that others in the group had the same concerns.

Andrew: I was brought up in a Christian family, but I used to think that being a Christian was about being good.

Convinced that I would never be good enough to be a Christian, I gave up on God. For many years I looked for comfort and meaning through my work, friendships and relationships. I just did not have the time or the inclination to think about God. ...Four years ago I found out that my relationship with my girlfriend was not worthy of the trust I had put into it. Friends, not wishing to get involved, deserted me. Then my job changed location and many friends from work left. Also, my Grandma died. All this happened in the same month. All that I had relied upon to give me meaning and purpose had turned out to be completely worthless. Feeling very empty, I started to question the meaning of things. I sought purpose, meaning, love and the point of the bigger picture... Since Christianity Explored my life has been turned around. Instead of worrying about meaning or my own future I now look outwards. Day by day, God shows me how much I can trust Him.

The course is organised by Ballymoney Baptist Church. For more info. Tel: 276 66452 or visit our website