John Street parking problems?

Councillor Roma McAfee has expressed concerns over parking problems in the vicinity of John Street.

During a recent Ballymoney Borough Road Safety Committee meeting, she raised the issue stating it was due to the reduction in car parking space at the Glebeside Spar. She suggested that Job Centre staff were parking on the roadway and wing mirrors were being damaged due to restricted road space.

In response Constable D Hamilton stated that initially it was thought that double yellow lines could be used but this restricted parking at anytime and therefore single yellow lines might be more appropriate. He added that the matter was still in the hands of Roads Service explaining that ‘legislation is required for the changes’ which leads to an elongated process.

Mr Sam Knox highlighted that he believed the problem was being exacerbated by the construction work at Glebeside Spar. Cllr McAfee then expressed concern at where Job Centre workers would park when the construction work was finished.

An discussion ensued on identifying an alternative area for parking. Cllr Tom McKeown suggested that there was a green area which might be feasible to convert into parking. A site meeting to discuss the issue was proposed with Cllr McAfee and Cllr McKeown both wishing to be present.