John’s praise for “excellent treatment” from Causeway Hospital

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A Ballymoney man has put pen to paper to praise the staff of Coleraine’s Causeway Hospital for the “excellent treatment” he received recently.

John Hill wrote to the Times saying: “I am writing to let you know about the excellent treatment and service I received as a patient in Causeway Hospital.

“I attended a doctor’s appointment in Ballymoney Health Centre on the morning of January 30 and was advised to go to the Causeway Hospital Accident and Emergency department for x-ray and scan.

“This was due to my medical history of clots in the lungs. I was treated for almost ten hours by various departments and all staff were courteous, respectful and highly professional. Not only was the immediate problem solved but they were, after numerous scans and tests, able to detect and inform me of an issue I was totally unaware of and one that could have been life threatening.

“The purpose of this letter is not to discuss my health but to offer my gratitude to the doctors and nurses who treated me and countless other patients that day and everyday with kindness, care and professionalism often under a great deal of pressure, abuse and without thanks.

“I apologise that I have no specific names to give but only the thought that everyone I met deserves a medal.”