Joey Dunlop themed Poker Run

MAG NI Poker Run is being held this Thursday (August 2) in aid of the Joey Dunlop Foundation.

The event will start at 7.15pm in Joey’s Bar. There will be a Joey Dunlop themed route. Raffle tickets will also be available at £5 per sheet.

A spokesperson explained: “The run is a ‘Poker run’, which we have designed to be Joey Dunlop themed...participants will choose a card from a shuffled deck at Joey’s Bar, their card is then written on a sheet (which costs £5), they then will travel to Clough start/finish line where they choose another card and it is written on their sheet, they then travel to Armoy and the NW 200 start/finish, travelling back to Joey’s bar via the famous York corner where the process of a card being drawn and written down is repeated and each participant should have 5 different playing cards written upon their sheet.

“The person with the best ‘poker hand’ upon their sheet is the winner, with there also being a prize for the worst poker hand too. We also have several prizes available for raffle, the tickets are being sold for £2 a strip.

“The prizes were all kindly donated by local businesses....Motoplus Kawasaki, Millsport Motorcycles, Hamilton Driving Academy, Limavady and Coleraine Motorcycle Training, SQOW2010 Bangor, Stevie’s School of Motoring, Joey’s Bar and MAG NI.”

For more information visit Facebook at Details of the Joey Dunlop Foundation can be found here