Jayne’s Slimming World journey

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Just three years ago you may remember Jayne Workman losing a whopping FOUR stone as a member with Slimming World, and going on to opening her own franchise with weight loss groups in Stranocum and Garvagh.

Today she tells us the story behind her time away from being a consultant, her two new sons, and her passion and drive behind rekindling her return not only as a member but as a consultant to Slimming World.

“I remember my last weight loss journey with great clarity, the dreaded first night going to group as a member and facing the scales. I really had no need to be apprehensive about going, as the group and consultant were so friendly, it felt like a home from home.

“When we struggle the consultant and the group support are key in helping us move forward and when we want to celebrate they are the first people to dance with us at the scales, we never tire of getting our sparkly weight loss awards in group.”

Jayne loved the fact that she could still have chips, curry, gorgeous chicken dishes, potatoes and the most delicious Sunday roast dinners and still enjoy weight loss at the scales each week. “When my consultant told me I could still have a glass of wine and lose weight, I thought this plan is made for me!”

Jayne remembers feeling so miserable being overweight and her reluctance to socialise due to feeling so unattractive in her clothes. my confidence was at an all time low, I felt paranoid in public, I used to make fun of myself to others.”

Weight had a huge drain on me physically and emotionally

During both of her recent pregnancies Jayne had gestational diabetes and she was able to tweak her Slimming World plan around her diabetes, which meant she had lower weight gain and fewer symptoms. “I owe this to Slimming world, the weight loss is helping to keep me where I need to be for not only the short term but for my long term health. I’m now back at group 10 weeks as a member and I’ve lost 1.5 stone. I’m attacking my second weight loss journey as a really busy working mum of four children, the youngest only 5 months old, and I can have healthy meals prepped in minutes, even with a toddler running around my feet, it really isn’t difficult, if I can do it anyone can!”

Jayne says she has increased energy and how much she needs it running after the little ones. She can walk briskly for a few miles (which was something she couldn’t have done at her previous weight).