Jail and bail is a big success for Compass

LOCAL people, including several well-known personalities, showed their support for those with learning disabilities in the Causeway area by being "locked up" in a Jail and Bail on Friday last.

Wednesday, 5th May 2010, 1:28 pm

Compass issued 'Arrest Warrants' for the individuals involved and local Ballymoney PSNI officer Dessie Shirley 'apprehended' individuals upon arrival with one of the Directors of Compass, local man, Eddie Huey being Magistrate for the day.

Having been incarcerated in the PSNI 'paddy wagon' cell, individuals were then escorted to their 8" x 8" cell (kindly donated by Carnoe Supplies) at Compass' premises in Seymour Street.

Janet Schofield, Director of Compass said, "The response we had to this event was fantastic! We had great fun and managed to raise about 2,000 in all – most of which was raised through pledges whilst our prisoners were being held! We would like to thank all of those who agreed to be locked up for an hour!"

Prisoners included Liam Beckett (Beckett Soccer Academy), David Curry (Redback Creations), Murray Bell (Bell Architects), Marcus Boreland & Doddie (Imperial Bar, Ballymoney), Reverend Magowan (St James's Church), Jonny Donaghy (DPP Ballymoney),Warner Kirkpatrick (Ballymoney Borough Council), Ian Stephenson (DUP), Robert Adams, Ian Paisley Jnr (MP Candidate for North Antrim), Mervyn Storey (MLA, DUP) and Julie Cummins (School of Nursing, UU).

Compass Advocacy Network is a service provider of activities and work opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities in the Causeway Area. All proceeds from the Jail and Bail event will go to support Compass - a local charity working with local people with learning disabilities in your local community!

For more information, contact Janet Schofield or Linda McKendry at Compass, 20 Seymour Street, Ballymoney on 028 2766 9030.