It's Martin Laverty to the rescue!

When you are set off on a journey in your car, do you ever think what would happen if you were to break down or worse still have an accident?

Well local man Martin Laverty has the answer and is standing by 24 hours a day if needed.

Martin who is from Loughgiel has recently completed the Start a Business Programme at Moyle Enterprise Centre, so that he could start his own company for roadside recovery.

Once he completed the course Martin took ownership of two recovery vehicles for both cars and vans so that he could provide a total service to the local community.

Martin says: “Although I can pick up across Northern Ireland, I realised that there was a gap for helping people locally in the North Antrim area. Whilst people do have other roadside recovery memberships their patrols often have to come a long way to provide help. With me, there are no membership costs, I know the local area and can get to people in their cars quickly and get them back on the road again”.

Martin has already been able to help one member of the community by getting her to her own surprise birthday!

Martin adds: “I got a call from a man asking to be picked up after his car had broken down. He asked if it was possible for me to drop him and his wife off at an address then take the car to another after. He explained that he had planned a surprise birthday party and would I mind going along with the story! I dropped them off and it all went to plan, I was even there to see the look of shock on his wife’s face! I then took his car back to his home address for him.”

Anne Marie Doherty, the Start a Business Programme Manager for Moyle Enterprise Company adds: “When Martin first came to see me about the idea I thought it was great. To be able to take away the fear of being stuck by the roadside if you’ve broken down must be reassuring for any driver. I think it’s great that Martin can provide the service and full credit to him for getting up and running so quickly”.

Martin also has plans for moving into the scrap and parts business as well to add to his recovery operation.

To contact Martin call 07708951881 and to find out more about starting your own business speak to Anne Marie Doherty on 207 63737 or email