It’s in the bag

CUSHENDALL has benefited from a substantial grant from The North East Region Rural Development programme.

There are a range of activities, infrastructure and items which will help in the regeneration of the village.

One of these initiatives is a scheme and resource to help make Cushendall greener and cleaner.

Cushendall Development Group are showing their support for the environment with their new re-usable shopping bags. There is a re-usable bag for every household in the community. These bags were funded through the North East Region Village Renewal Programme, Department of Agriculture, E.U. and Leader.

Everyone should make an effort to RE-USE A BAG - MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Cushendall Development Group intends to help you make that difference. They will endeavour to deliver their attractive, sturdy re-usable jute bag to every household in the community.

These include the symbol of Cushendall - the Curfew Tower.

To help make their job easier, especially houses in outlaying areas, the householders may collect them at the Development Office, Old School House, Mill Street, Cushendall during working hours.

If you have not received yours by the end of April, please call at their office where they can mark your name off the list and collect your bag.