Inquiry into wind energy

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COUNCILLORS in Ballymoney have been made aware of an inquiry into wind energy.

During a recent Council meeting, members heard: ‘The Assembly Committee for the Environment has recently announced its intention to carry out an inquiry into Wind Energy.

‘The aim of the Inquiry is to identify the key issues arising from the generation of renewable energy by onshore wind turbines and to access the adequacy of existing planning guidance to address these issues. A copy of the Terms of Reference are for viewing. The closing date for submissions is 28th February.”

Meanwhile a seminar on renewable energy policy was also highlighted.

Members heard: ‘The DoE has arranged a seminar on renewable energy policy and the strategic planning policy statement, in the context of the transfer of planning powers.

‘This is being held on 4 February in Burnavon Arts & Cultural Centre Cookstown. Any member wishing to attend should register their interest with the Office of the Chief Executive.