India ‘the in place for investment’ says McIlveen

NORTH Antrim MLA David McIlveen has this week congratulated Invest NI for arranging an organised trade mission to India.

The MLA took an interest in the Prime Minister’s recent visit to India and asked the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment how many Northern Ireland businesses were represented on the trip.

Mr McIlveen was very disappointed to learn that not one Northern Ireland Company was on the trip. He has congratulated Invest NI for arranging the trip to India and it is anticipated that 15 local companies will take part. Mr McIlveen has experience of doing business in the country, and believes it is a prime location to seek investment.

Speaking this week, Mr McIlveen said: ‘I was very disappointed to learn that when the Prime Minister visited India on a trade mission, that not one Northern Ireland company was represented. In my constituency alone we have some of the best companies in Northern Ireland, who have been performing remarkably despite the difficult economic climate we find ourselves in. Companies such as WrightBus, JTI and Moy Park are among the highest grossing companies in Northern Ireland and it is imperative that we assist them in whatever way we can.

“Job creation and inward investment are some of the most important topics for my constituents. It is vital that were are constantly looking for ways to improve jobless numbers, assist local businesses and push forward the private sector in Northern Ireland.

“There is a good reason the Prime Minister went to India, and that is its huge and rapidly developing economy. At present, India has the tenth largest economy in the world by GDP and the 3rd largest by purchasing power parity. Crucially, it is the 19th largest exporter in the world and the 10th largest importer in the world.

“I am delighted that Invest NI have taken the steps to arrange this trade mission and I hope that our outstanding companies in Northern Ireland can capitalise on this opportunity. Every investment opportunity can be a job creation opportunity, be it from additional service required, infrastructure changes or simply an improved local economy. I commend Invest NI on this step and look forward to more such opportunities.”