Ice cream cop was seen in Bushmills

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News that a PSNI officer was reported to the Police Ombudsman for eating an ice cream while in his police car has been dividing opinions.

Now it has emerged that the officer was actually spotted in Bushmills and reported by a member of the public for “not being in proper control of the vehicle”.

The Police Ombudsman asked prosecutors to consider taking a criminal case against the officer but the Public Prosecution Service decided not to pursue the officer.

The case has become a talking point and has attracted literally hundreds (and thousands!) of comments on social media including our own Ballymoney Times Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Local opinion is divided between those who think that if an ordinary member of the public had been stopped by the PSNI doing the same thing, they would have been prosecuted.

On the other hand, other believe that it was a waste of time and money for the Ombudsman even to investigate the matter.

S o what do the people who live and work in the area in question actually think?

Here’s what the Ballymoney and Moyle Times readers had to say...

JIM CHRISTIE: “Hasn’t the world deteriorated into a petty place. Some busybody needs to wise up--unless it’s a grudge match!”

TRACEY CRAIG: “Yep it’s a disgrace but then again if the shoe was on the other foot...”

TRACEY WYSNER: “People need to mind their own. Disgrace. Leave others alone.”

MICKY CONNOR: “Over the top.”

HAZEL GALLAGHER: “Oh God, the world is going to end because this man bought an ice cream! Get a life - he was still 100% there if needed, let him alone.”



ANDREA LYONS: “Ha ha ha like seriously some people need to get a life. When these people need the service of the police, I bet the views are different.”

TONY STEWART: “What is this country coming to? Just because he was in a police car is he not allowed an ice ceam?.Get a life.”

And we will leave the last word to Ballymoney & Moyle Times photographer and resident comedian, Sammy McMullan.

SAMMY McMULLAN: “I thought the police always had cones!”