Ian Paisley’s staff wins Researcher of the Year at UK Parliament

THIS week in Westminster, Ian Paisley’s staff member Peter Harrison won the prestigious award of Westminster “Researcher of the Year” for 2012/2013.

The award is recognition of Ian Paisley and his team’s continuous efforts to represent the constituency of North Antrim at a national level in the House of Commons.

Peter Harrison speaking after he won the award said: “It has been a complete pleasure to work with Ian and his incredible team in representing the constituency of North Antrim at Westminster. This award is recognition of everyone’s efforts as we try to progress and deal with the important issues that face the constituency as a whole.

“It was exciting to be awarded such an accolade by the speaker of the House of Commons; but more importantly it was pleasing to see that the hard hitting and meaningful campaigns we operate in London that help individuals and businesses back in North Antrim are being noticed.”

Ian Paisley speaking said: “I am absolutely delighted that Peter and the team’s efforts have gained such an enormous award at a national level. It proves that the work we are doing is being recognised in London and it’s nice to be honoured for the important and vital issues that we deal with. The entire team of Laura, Marion, Davy and John who work within the constituency have all contributed to this and I’m happy for everyone with this achievement.

“May the hard and fantastic efforts continue.”