Ian Paisley MP tackling war on drugs

IN an attempt to reduce the amount of drugs that are available in the UK, North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has held a meeting in Westminster with Brigadier General Perez, the head of the Anti-Narcotics unit of Columbia. Also in attendance was the head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The meeting was conducted in order to share knowledge and ideas that could restrict the supply of drugs to the UK, an issue which Paisley is extremely passionate about. He has already travelled to Guinea-Bissau twice this year, the small West African country which has become a key hub for South American drug traffickers looking to move illegal substances to the UK.

Paisley’s role there is to mediate the peace process and to build stability in the hope that the drugs trade will then diminish. The meeting with Brigadier General Perez is the latest development in his fight against drugs on the streets of the UK

Speaking afterwards Paisley said: “One of the ways to tackle our country’s drug problems is to eradicate them at the source. The majority of our illegal substances are not formed here but smuggled in after taking long and illegal routes through parts of South America and Africa.

“These issues need dealt with head on, and by holding these discussions internationally and cutting the supply chain we will begin to see a reduction of substances on our streets.

“The meeting was extremely productive and I hope to build and progress forward, to ensure that we see a positive effect on our own streets were less drugs are available and less people are lured in and fall victim to them.

“I intend to have further meetings with General Perez later in the year to find the solutions for this major issue.”