‘I’m staying’, says McKillop

TRADITIONAL Unionist Voice councillor Sharon McKillop has told the Times she will be staying on as a councillor.

She made the pledge after she said: “I have had enough of this Council chamber” as she left a stormy meeting of Moyle Council on Monday March 12.

Cllr McKillop told us this week: “Prior to exiting from the Council chamber on Monday 12th March I made comments which reflected my frustration with how the business is conducted in the Moyle Council Chamber.”

But now she says she is staying on. She has repeatedly raised issues in recent months regarding the way matters of discussion in the Council are recorded by the Council and her dealings with Council Chairperson, Independent representative Padraig McShane, have been stormy.

Cllr McKillop has been critical of the way the Chairperson treats her in the Council Chamber but Padraig McShane told the Times the allegations are “devoid of fact and totally unfounded”.