‘I’m for the Frosses and I want it to stay that way’ - Alan Simpson

Radio Ulster's Alan Simpson.
Radio Ulster's Alan Simpson.

ONE of best known fans of one of north Antrim’s most famous natural landmarks has welcomed confirmation from roads chiefs that the Frosses Trees will be saved from the axe when work starts on a new dual-carriageway.

Radio Ulster star Alan Simpson told the Times he fell in love with the Trees as a young boy and that he still has an emotional attachment to the wooded natural feature.

When news emerged last week that over £8 million will be spent turning the section of road at the Frosses Trees into a dual-carriageway, the next question for many was: What about the Trees?

But now Roads Service has confirmed their intention is that the Trees will be safe.

Alan Simpson, who lives in Portrush, travels through the Trees every day on his way to and from work in Belfast and one of his catchphrases at the end of his show is: “I’m for the Frosses!”

He said: “I welcome the news that the Trees will stay. There is no way they could take them away. Without the Trees it would not be the Frosses Road. I remember as a kid going through the Trees and and if you could hold your breath from one end to the other you could make a wish and I still do it to this day!

“People ask me what the big attraction of the Trees is but when I am travelling home I say I can almost smell the salt air when I pass the Frosses.”

And Alan joked that if there ever is a threat to the Trees he will lead a campaign of opposition.