‘I’ll work for £15 a day for a job’ says north Antrim man

A YOUNG north Antrim man is so desperate to gain employment he is offering to work for less than £2 an hour.

The man (20) put an advert online last week appealing to be given a chance with employers.

He said he was willing to work for £15 per day - equivalent to £1.88 per hour for a standard eight hour day - rather than sit at home.

He outlined his working experience and encouraged anyone looking to recruit in the area to contact him.

The Times called the man on Friday who said he had yet to receive a job offer having placed the advert four days earlier.

North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey said the fact the man was prepared to work for well below the £4.98 basic minimum wage for someone aged 20 highlighted how difficult it is for young people to gain employment locally.

“I think there is too much dismissing of young people at present,” Mr Storey told the Times.

“Especially young people who are unemployed and they face a huge crisis.

“This shows how desperate the situation is.

“Here we have a young fella who clearly wants to work and he should be congratulated for that.

“It’s a sad situation when these sort of measures have to be taken.

“Does a young person feel the system is adequately doing enough to promote him to get a job?

“It highlights the lengths young people will go to to make themselves available in the hope someone will take them on.”