I am no different to you

A BALLYMONEY and Moyle Times reader has shared this poem with us:

I am no different to you.

I am no different to you, you or you, I am who I am.

Pity people have to judge, dictate, and hurt.

Soul searching and heart pounding times, because of who? You and you!

I can’t understand sometimes how or what these certain people get from being how they are, it’s because I am different and I don’t actually need to talk, discuss, or demoralize people, as I respect people, all people, their feelings in their hearts and heads when they find out they’re the topic of people’s conversations, how it hurts, how it feels, how you loose confidence and conversation, as we become suspicious of everyone. Finally I believe those people guilty of the abuse and harassment are indeed not worthy of my worry as I am beautiful and perfect as who I am.

Wishing this world was a little bit nicer, wishing those talkers would remind themselves of how it feels to hurt.

When you read this remember there are sometimes beautiful kind people under what you are destroying.