Hunter gets a birthday boost

Hunter McCrellis.
Hunter McCrellis.

Little Hunter McCrellis received the perfect birthday present last week as scans showed a reduction in his cancer.

The nine-year-old started his second round of intense chemotherapy for B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma this week. His mum Donna told The Coleraine Times initial scans were encouraging.

“So far the CT scans have shown a good reduction of the cancer on his kidney and his throat and facial areas, the bit on his pancreas is taking a bit more time to reduce but it has still went down slightly,” said Donna.

“He did not let the chemo drag him down too much, he has fought hard and the doctors have been happy with him.”

“Hunter has taken all his days differently but as soon as he heard the doctor say he could go home to Portrush he hasn’t stopped smiling,” said Donna. “He is more like the child I know. In hospital I felt like I was never going to get him back from the depression and not talking again.

“He has been brilliant throughout his treatment. Getting him home and having all the family together was fantastic, it has made him so happy. It was perfect to get him home for a few days before his second round of treatment started.”

The family have been overwhelmed by the support they have received by the public and wish to thank everyone.

“I can’t thank everyone enough from their kind messages to their donations, it has really helped us as a family and means everything to Hunter,” said Donna.

“Coleraine FC sent him a card and a signed shirt, it’s hanging pride of place in his bedroom beside his Portrush FC shirt. He says he just needs a Northern Ireland one now and a Chelsea one and he’s got his collection!

“Having to spend his ninth birthday in hospital is not what any of us had planned for. But when he got out we were able to take him to a special screening of Batman v Superman in Ballymena.

“We were invited to the cinema along with another CHU patient. It was so brilliant that they let us do this sort of thing as our kids can’t be in big crowds of people for infection reasons and it makes them feel so special as well.

“They also said any time we want to watch anything just to give them a shout which we appreciate so much.”