NORTH Antrim MLA, Mervyn Storey, has praised the organisers of the Twelfth demonstration in Rasharkin for helping ensure a trouble-free day.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Storey said: “Record crowds, superb weather and no incidents to speak of suggest that the vast majority of people in Rasharkin want no trouble on days like this.

“It’s about time that Republicans recognised this and called off their war of attrition.”

Senior officers in the host district had planned for the demonstration with the pledge of hosting a lawful, peaceful and dignified parade which embraced all the community.

The demonstration field was changed this year and Mr Storey feels this was a practical and pragmatic step that was better for the spectators and for the marchers.

“I spoke to the police and there were no issues; indeed officers were saying it went much better than they expected,” Mr Storey added.

Those engaged in marching at Rasharkin and in nearby Portglenone which hosted the Independent demonstration saw huge crowds which led to MLA Robin Swann thanking the public for their “magnificent support.”

“The community is to be highly commended,” said MLA Swann.