Huge crowds at Big Tent Crusade

The large crowds during one of the evenings of the Big Tent Crusade, INBM28-14 S
The large crowds during one of the evenings of the Big Tent Crusade, INBM28-14 S

People flocked from all over the Community and from every Church denomination for four consecutive nights, as Ballymoney Church of God hosted their second ever Big Tent Gospel Crusade.

There was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air as Pastor Jonathan welcomed the many hundreds of people who filed in each night to the large and very comfortable tent.

The Church’s own Praise Team led the crowd in good, lively, hand clapping worship before the guest singers ‘Revelation’, ‘Simple Faith’ and ‘Pathway’ ministered alongside the many talented singers and musicians of Ballymoney Church of God. The Pastors preached The Word, testified and prayed for those in need and were absolutely thrilled when five people dedicated their lives to The Lord.

People commented on the amazing worship, the beautiful anointed atmosphere and the challenging and very powerful message of The Gospel.

Many returned each evening to experience and enjoy more of God’s ‘outpouring’. On the final Gospel Celebration Night a very large crowd attended and the magnificent sum of £1,000 was raised for Cheers Youth Centre who do a great work amongst the young people of our town.

Many have already been enquiring as to when the next Big Tent Crusade will be! Pastor Jonathan Payne was overwhelmed by the support of the local people with even Asher’s Bakery donating dozens of pastries to help the Catering Team with the nightly suppers.

Pastor Taylor was delighted with the response to The Gospel message through word and song and Pastor Yvonne Payne commented that the whole event far exceeded their highest hopes and expectations.

The Church’s aim throughout this huge event was to impact the town and wider community with The Gospel message. Certainly by the large crowds that attended each night and the many favourable comments each evening from visitors, as well as the phone calls and emails for many days after, this aim has certainly been achieved.

Pastor Jonathan reflected that: “It took a lot of preparation and many hours of team work behind the scenes, but God blessed, challenged and inspired – we couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle!” (Exodus 40:34)