Howell now joins list of infamous dentists throughout history

1. Professor Hugo Blaschke - Hitler’s dentist.

According to the book “Was Hitler Ill?” Professor Blaschke used the gold from the mouths of Jewish people in concentration camps to fill Hitler’s teeth. In 1944, the Fuhrer had 10 fillings placed made from this gold. Hitler insisted it be spread over a period of eight days because he couldn’t stand the pain. The dictator had bad breath, abscesses and gum disease.

2. John Henry “Doc” Holliday.

He went to Dental School in Philadelphia and graduated in 1872. He opened a dental office at 56 Elm St in Dallas, Texas in 1873. He found gambling more profitable than dentistry. Patients didn’t want to come to his office because he had a chronic cough. He moved his offices to Denison Texas after his gambling problems started to catch up with him. He was then found guilty of “gaming” in Texas. Soon after he met Wyatt Earp and later he was involved in the famous gunfight at O.K. Coral. He died in Colorado.

3. Dr. Larry Lavin

Philadelphia-based Dr Lavin found dealing cocaine paid better than dentistry. He was making $60 million a year as boss of a massive cocaine industry, while he practiced dentistry. Two books were written of his exploits, “Doctor Dealer” by Mark Bowden and Dr Snow by Carol Saline.

4. Dr. Clara Harris

In 2002, she ran down and murdered her husband, an orthodontist named David Harris in a Mercedes-Benz after catching him having an affair with a woman who worked at their dental offfice in Houston, Texas. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison.

5. Dr. John Riley

He gave the Beatles’ John Lennon, George Harrison and their wives LSD. It had been dropped in sugar cubes in their coffee when they went to visit him at his flat in Strathearn Place, London. Dr. Riley was the son of a London police officer.

6. Dr. David Acer

He practiced dentistry in Florida after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Six patients may have contracted the disease from him while he was their dentist. He tested positive for HIV in 1986, closed his practice in July 1989 and died a year later.

8. Dr. Allen Azevedo

This Chicago dentist contracted the El Rukin gang to have his ex wife murdered. His motive was that his ex wife was moving back to India with the children for a trip to see their family. He was later killed by his son in his dental office while he was napping.

9. Dr. David E. Fuster

In 2001 Fuster, from Montgomery County, raped a 15 year old patient after giving her nitrous oxide. After they charged him with rape, five other women came forward and said he fondled them as well. Was on America’s Most Wanted List and waa eventually caught on a beach in Mexico.

10. Dr. Wesley Meyers

In 2008 Charles Gaal went to Dr. Meyers, from Florida, for a lower denture. Dr. Meyers dropped a small screw down his throat. It was surgically removed from his colon. Six months later, at a follow up visit it happened again. This time it was a wrench. Less than two months later Mr. Gaal died from complications.

11. An unnamed dentist, age 57 from the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm, Germany.

In 2008, police said, he knocked at the door of a 35 year old patient. He tied her hands and then took her denture from her mouth. He said that she owed him money for the dental work and he came to take it back. In February 2009 the dentist was fined 6,000 euros. The woman appeared in court with no teeth.